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Statcom Ltd. has been providing seismic data duplication services to the geophysical industry for two decades. This experience has given us the ability to produce quality reproductions of seismic data and the expertise to deal with the most difficult problems. Statcom Ltd. provides a full range of seismic data copying and reformatting services. Listed below are some of the common services offered.

Seismic Data Duplication

We have developed a comprehensive hardware/software system for reliable data duplication. A wide range of media is supported to generate verified copies of your valuable field and stack data. The following media is available for data duplication:

  • 9-track

  • 3480/3490/3490E/3590 Cartridge

  •  4mm DAT Cartridge

  • Exabyte

  • DLT

  • LTO

  • Optical Disk

  • CD-R,

  • DVD-R.

  • Flash Drive

  • External Hard Drive



Demultiplexing of seismic field data can be performed on all large block field file formats with or without correlation. Conversion of field data also includes abilities to repair damaged data because of parity or stiction problems.



Stack data can be copied and converted from virtually any trace sequential format to generic SEGY. This data is then output to the desired media and scanned to ensure optimum data integrity.


Some digital data may exhibit errors because of tape deterioration or physical damage to the media. Data may also have been recorded in non-standard formats by systems which are no longer in existence. Years of experience handling problem datasets has give Statcom Ltd. the necessary tools to provide our clients with reliable, properly formatted data output.

Specialized Services

Display - Seismic film or paper sections generated from archive stacks.
Color Maps - Display of color maps (many graphic files are supported).
UNIX I/O - Conversion of TAR and CPIO datasets to generic SEGY archives.
Scanning - Scanning of geophysical support data to ANY Media


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